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220 Dela Vina Ave
Monterey, CA, 93940
United States


CrossFit Monterey was the first CrossFit affiliate in Monterey County, established in July of 2008. CrossFit Monterey is a gym, a competitive CrossFit and weightlifting facility, and a community.

CFM Fundamentals

CFM Fundamentals

The CFM Fundamentals program is designed for those who are new to CrossFit.   It consists of 6 1-on-1 training sessions between an athlete and one of our coaches.  The 6 sessions are very structured and build on each other as you progress through the skills learned.  The Fundamental Courses are completely tailored to your fitness level and abilities.  The times of these sessions are determined by your availability and the pace at which you learn the skills are completely dependent on your abilities.

CFM Fundamental courses typically meet 2 – 3x per week for 2-3 weeks.   Each session is 60 – 75 min.  In addition to your training sessions per week, you will have access to our specialty classes: Weightlifting and Fitcamp.

*After graduating through the 6 courses you will graduate to our Group CrossFit classes.

The CFM Fundamentals course is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Get to know you personally as well as athletically.

  • Asses your current mobility and flexibility limitations to determine a long term plan.

  • Slowly expose and condition you to the intensity of the workouts found in our regular classes.

  • Teach all movements used in the CrossFit program.

  • Ensure you are safe and confident when moving into the regular class workouts.

  • Answer all questions on training, supplementation, recovery, nutrition, mobility, etc…

  • Determine your long and short term health, fitness, and CrossFit goals.

  • Additionally, it will be your opportunity to get to know our coaches, community, and program.

The CFM Fundamentals program is required for ALL new members, regardless of fitness level. If you recently moved to the area and have been training at another CrossFit affiliate, please contact us for an assessment.

If you have any questions or are ready to begin your journey with us at CFM please contact us at